Sell Your Amazon Products In All The European Marketplaces

By Chiara Grassilli
In Financial Translation
Feb 20th, 2017

Translate your Amazon Listings And Sell In The European Marketplace


In today’s society, an income made up of multiple streams of revenue is no longer a thing of the past. Many of us now work multiple jobs, are self-employed or undertake a variety of different projects to bring home that monthly bacon. Whether it’s earning a little bit of extra money on the side or making a living, selling products on Amazon is becoming a way for many people to boost their income, and those who choose to do so can often boast a fairly substantial salary. However, how can we make this business endeavour even more profitable? That’s easy, expand, expand, expand.

In this article, we’re going to show you why translating your Amazon listings to sell in all the European marketplaces could enhance your marketing, boost your sales and how to go about creating multi-lingual listings.


The European marketplace is growing fast

In an increasingly digital world, shopping online is now the norm and thanks to Amazon’s specialised features such as one-click service, where consumers can purchase items at the click of a button, or the Amazon fulfilment centre, where Amazon warehouses goods and handles the fulfilment of the purchase, the needs of both consumer and seller are met at a click of the button. These fantastic features make selling and shopping on Amazon extremely easy and Amazon has become the number one marketplace for online shopping in recent years.


As well as this, a recent increase in translation and localisation of product listings now allow consumers from all corners of Europe to make purchases  from sellers outside their home country. Amazon director of European Union seller services, Francois Saugie states that  “European businesses are able to sell on any of our websites, to any customer, anywhere in Europe and many of these businesses are using Fulfillment by Amazon, which means they simply send their inventory to one of our fulfilment centres across Europe.”

For these reasons, and many more, e-commerce through Amazon is quickly expanding throughout Europe and more and more customers are utilising the benefits of cross-border purchasing. Translation will ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on the opportunity that this multi-lingual market has to offer and expand your products to the potential customers who await you in various European countries.


On Amazon a small number of products = big income

One of the great things about translating your Amazon listings is that it essentially multiplies the number of products you have by the number of languages you translate that listing into. Instead of having to worry about trying to find a new product to launch each week, by simply translating your existing listings, you are guaranteed to reach new customers and marketplaces who would not have been able to access them otherwise, and therefore generate a higher income. By focusing on high-quality, specialised products with listings in various languages, you are on your way to generating a full-time income through Amazon alone.


Human or machine translation to translate your Amazon Listings?

In today’s society, the world around us is becoming increasingly multilingual and the need for translation cannot be avoided. We are used to having everything at our fingertips, at the click of a button and, as a result, Google translate and other machine translation services are most people’s go-to website whenever they have a need for translation.

Whilst these options are extremely easy, quick and cost-effective, they will never match up to the skills and expertise of a real-life, human translator. Sure, Google translate is handy if you need to get the general gist of a text, but if you want to use translation to attract new customers for your business, then you need to ensure that what you’re saying sounds as if it was written by a native speaker.

Remember, your customers are spending their hard-earned cash, and one look at dodgy spelling or questionable phrasing could be enough to send them running to a different seller. Think about it, if you are buying something online, you want to guarantee that the seller is reliable, and you gauge this according to the professionalism and attractiveness of their listings. If you still think that machine translation sounds like the easy way out, check out our article on why you should hire a professional translator.


A professional translation is a fantastic sales tool

In order to sell your products, you want your listings to really stand out from the crowd and assure your customers that quality is your number one priority. For this reason, a professional translation is essential to attract new clients who will end up buying your products. You want your customers to feel that this listing was written just for them and that they have finally found the right business which meets their needs. Well written, high quality content which tells your customers all they need to know can go a long way if they are deciding between buying from you or someone else. Of course, your listing is not complete without some attractive, professional photos which really show off the benefits and features of your product. Combine the two and they’ll be knocking down the figurative doors to get their hands on what you’re selling!


 Give your customers that little unexpected extra

Okay, so you’ve translated your listings, and have hopefully enjoyed an increase in sales because of this, but you still want to make your business that little bit extra-special for customers who are browsing outside your native language. It’s not enough to get them to buy your product, the only way to guarantee a long-term collaboration with customers outside your home country is by truly  thinking and caring about their needs.

Once they get the product home, the first thing most people will be is to seek out the instructions or set-up guidelines. By translating these documents into their native language, your customer will know that you have worked hard to make this the optimum product for them and will feel satisfied with their purchase. This has all sorts of benefits for you as well, as they will want to come back to you for future business and are likely to recommended your business to other shoppers.


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