Translate Amazon Listings – Why To Hire Professional Translators To Do It

By Sara Antoniou
In Marketing Translation
Sep 23rd, 2013

Translate Amazon Listings

translate amazon listings

When you start thinking about listing your products on Amazon, it seems to be a task as easy as pie.

This however, is not the case if you have hundreds of products to sell. It gets even harder when you want to expand those products to different Amazon markets, that means translate Amazon listings.

A quick research on Amazon Germany shows that there are sellers, sometimes “big names’”, having their listings in English, including the products’ titles and descriptions. Is this the way successful businesses work? Certainly not. Have you ever been to a shoe shop in Germany, or another non-English speaking country, where everything, apart from the price currency, is written in English?

If a business that sells its products online wants to be successful, it has to work in such a way. This includes hiring skilled translators to translate Amazon listings: the titles and descriptions of its products in the local language of the market that it is targeting. This is not just profitable for the customers; it is also one of the steps for successful online merchandising.

As we all know translators are not just translating words, but also meanings and cultural expressions. They use their linguistic and cultural knowledge to transmit something from the source to the target language.

Apart from a product’s title and description, some of the information Amazon recommends vendors to provide when listing a product are the so-called browse nodes (Amazon product categories in which an item should be listed), images, bullet points (give information about the product) and search terms (keywords buyers might use to search for an item). The correct and efficient application of all this, will make the possibility much higher of an item to be found and eventually sold than in the case of not doing this.

translate amazon listingsFocus has to be given on the target buyers.

The person providing all these information on the site, needs to be able to “enter” the buyer’s mind and understand their needs and thoughts. He or she should know which keywords a German speaker, for instance, would use to search for a specific item and in which product category someone would most likely search for it.

Moreover, Amazon makes it possible for sellers to list an item found in many variations, in various colours for instance, under a single listing. Buyers then see the picture of one item and when they click on it they can see all its different variations. Thus, this first picture customers see is crucial, as it determines the purchaser’s choice to have a look at the product or not.

A translator’s ability to mediate culture will make it possible to choose the most appropriate picture for the listing. A merchandiser selling bags for teenagers in Germany and the UK for instance, should know which colours teenagers in Germany prefer and which colours are preferred by young people in the UK, in order to use the most suitable image.

Thus, translation needs knowledge of culture, apart from linguistic knowledge. In order to sell you need to know your customer’s language and culture. By choosing a skilled translator, can be a step for a successful company.

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  3. Sharon Tuel says:

    In a world where it is predominantly uses English, a good translator is a huge help. But I do agree that knowledge of the language and all the norms to the culture is just as important as well. Thanks!

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