10 Online Editing and Proofreading Tools Translators Should Know About

By Gloria Kopp
In Translation
Jan 25th, 2017

10 Online Editing and Proofreading Tools Translators Should Know About

Translation is a task centered around detail and precision. Mistakes made could compromise the confidence others have in your ability to do that job. Help ensure that your work is flawless with the help of these online editing and proofreading resources:

1. Hemingway App
Instantly check for grammar, spelling and other stylistic errors with this online checker. You’ll get a color-coded reading of mistakes and suggestions for changes, so you can easily see what needs to be done. It’ll also give you a readability score, so you can see how your translation fits with the comprehension level of your audience.

2. Ginger
Download this software to any device you’ll be working on, and you’ll have the advantage of instantaneous feedback as you translate. Ginger can pick up on errors in context that other automated checkers may miss. It can help you speed up the translation process, so you can get more work done with better accuracy.

3. Boomessays
When you need a second set of eyes to read through your translated work, count on the experts at Boom Essays to help. It’s always better to have a real person edit and proofread your work, because they will see things a computer just can’t.

4. Easy Word Count
If your translation needs to stay within a certain set of word limitations, you can quickly run it through the Easy Word Count tool online to see if you’re within those requirements.

5. EssayRoo
You may be an expert translator, but you may not be an expert in the topic you’re translating. It’s here where you want to call in someone in the business, and each member of the EssayRoo writing and editing team is a professional in their field. Because of this, they’ll be able to tell you if your translation is accurate and give suggestions for changes that would be more appropriate in the context of what is being discussed.

6. Australian Help
Grammar rules can be confusing, especially between different languages. When you’re unsure of something grammar or punctuation related, the writing guides at Australian Help can give you some direction. They’ve also got a library of information about plagiarism and how to avoid it, so you’re not unknowingly doing this.

7. Readability Score
No matter what language you’re writing in, you want to ensure that the content is on par with the level of understanding your target readers have. Giving them content that’s at a level below or too far above their comprehension means you’re likely to lose them. Readers want to see writing they can easily understand at their level, so ensure you’re giving them what they want with the help of this Readability Score tool.

8. UK Writings
There’s no substitute for a human proofreader, especially when it comes to checking over something that’s been translated. You’ll want to ensure that nothing has been lost in translation, so having a real set of eyes look through your work is your best option. Get one of the editors at UK Writings to check through your translation, fix any errors and make suggestions for improvement.

9. Cite It In
Putting together a reference for resources in a different language may be slightly confusing. But, it’s something you want to make sure gets done properly, so you’re giving the necessary credit to any referenced sources. Cite It In will put together your citations, and all you’ve got to do is fill in the information they ask for and select the format you want.

10. ProWritingAid
Download this software to your computer and run it directly through your preferred word processor for instant notification on errors, improvements to readability and questions about context.

When you’re translating text, attention to detail is essential. You don’t want things to be lost in translation or have errors in context. These 10 online editing and proofreading tools are there to help you avoid these embarrassing and potentially career limiting mistakes. Ensure that your work is absolutely flawless with the help of these resources.

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