Freelancing Marketing Tips – Interview With Laura Spencer

By Chiara Grassilli
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Jun 17th, 2013

Freelancing Marketing Tips – How A Freelance Writer Built Her Self-Marketing Strategy

Freelancing Marketing Tips

Laura Spencer is an American freelance writer. She has a very nice blog, and she is the author of the book titled How to start a Freelance Business. So she definitely has some good freelancing marketing tips.

In this interview she talks about self-marketing and content marketing. You might wonder why I interviewed a copywriter instead of a translator. Well, because being a freelance writer is not different from being a freelance translator. We both work with words, we both have to find our own clients, and we both have to market our services. She’s a great professional and she shared a lot of very important freelancing marketing tips. In particular, she talks about:

1 – What does it means to be a writer, copy writer and editor

2 – Why she started her blog (

3 – How to make freelancing a sustainable lifestyle and make a living as a freelancer

4 – Why the right business mindset can boost incredibly your freelance career

5 – How to market one’s freelance services

6 – Why setting a marketing strategy or a business plan is important not only for companies but also if you are a freelancer

7 – What are the key elements of a freelancer’s marketing strategy: blogging, social media and building an authority as a specialized freelancer

8 – Her favourite social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and Quora

9 – How often to blog to promote your business

10 – How to start from scratch to promote one’s freelance service: set up a social media presence, start a blog, create an online portfolio and network with colleagues

11 – The main mistakes when marketing one’s freelance activity and how to fix them


You can know more about Laura on her Linkedin profile or on Google+. Enjoy this audio and thanks to Laura for this insightful interview.

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