Technical Translation Services

Aug 9th, 2014

Technical Translation Services


Technical Translation ServicesThe term “Technical translation services” refers to translations within certain technical fields such as IT, medical or engineering translations. A technical translator normally deals with texts such as instruction manuals, user guides and technical reports.

Technical translation services normally require a broader range of skills than a generic translation.

Translators who are specialised in technical translation services are often expert in their field. They have a degree in this specific field or have developed an extensive knowledge thanks to on-field experience.

If your company needs technical translation services you have 3 options:

– Hire a translation agency that specialises in your field

– ask one of your employee who speaks a second language and already has the necessary technical knowledge to translate the technical documents. In this case, given his lack of knowledge in translation techniques you will need to find a translator who will proofread the documents to ensure text quality

– hire a translator who will work closely with one of your employees to translate the documentation. In this case the employee of your company who has the necessary technical knowledge will help the translator to better understand the content, so that he will then be able to translate this in the target language.

If you choose to use an agency it is always better to refer to those that specialise in technical translation services, so for example if you need translation in engineering it’s better to contact an agency who specialises in engineering translations. This is because they probably have translators who are also engineers or they might collaborate with engineers to better understanding the technical aspects of the translation.

Bear in mind that technical translations are usually more expensive than general translations. If you would like to learn more about how the different types of translations are priced, visit the page about Translation Rates.


What sectors fall into the Technical Translation Services category:

– Machine & Power Tool

– Furniture

– Manufacturing

– Energy

– Software

– Motor & Automotive Parts

– Engineering


Types of documents that usually need to be translate:

– Brochures
– Export Reports
– Instruction & Maintenance Manuals
– License Agreements
– Operation Manuals
– Patents
– Software & User Guides
– Technical Reports
– Technical Specifications
– Training Manuals
– Websites


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