By Ivonne Muehlbach
Oct 10th, 2016
You are taking part in a conference in NYC or want to improve your Italian while visiting Rome and need a place to crash for free? In my last post I li...
By Ivonne Muehlbach
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Sep 26th, 2016
Free accommodation for nomad translators   Whether you are a digital nomad, travelling the world as a freelance translator or just want to live ab...
By Ivonne Muehlbach
Jun 29th, 2016
Become a digital nomad working as a freelance translator Post by Ivonne M.   As a freelance translator you are one of the few lucky ones who have ...
By Chiara Grassilli
Mar 3rd, 2014
Why Living Abroad Can Make You A Better Translator     Living abroad is a great experience for many reasons. You meet new people, you see the...