SEO Translation Rates

May 14th, 2015

SEO Translation Rates

In recent years, SEO has become an increasingly popular concept among translators. Before, hardly anyone knew the meaning of these three letters. Search Engine Optimization has become an important tool in business advertising. Large and small companies alike are ready to invest a huge part of their budget in SEO, as they realize now how far they can spread online. Thanks to the internet, businesses and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to expand their reach and target new audiences, even if their budget is not significant. The truth is that most of these companies can easily succeed at home, but when it comes to foreign markets, things may become more complicated. This is why websites need SEO translation and localization.

We need to highlight a few aspects from the beginning in order to clarify the reasons why SEO translation rates may vary. Search engines do a whole lot more than just read the text and keywords on your site. There are many other features that need to be translated to ensure a certain page can dominate the local target market. The whole text must be translated including keywords and expressions, as well as aspects like title tags, meta tags, script messages and anchor texts, to make sure that the page is as attractive as possible for search engines in the target language.

If you want your website to rank well in the target country when someone searches for your products and services, you must hire a professional translation agency that offers SEO translation services.  If the website of your company already ranks well in your native language, professionally done SEO translations will all but guarantee a high ranking in their target markets, opening the door to more markets, more site visitors, and more sales. When it comes to SEO translation rates, there are a few things that you have to consider before deciding which translation agency you want to hire. The price you will pay depends on a multitude of factors such as:


The language pair combination

Approximately 75% of the searches are not in English, so you can imagine how important is SEO translation in the process of making your business popular in another country. Obviously, SEO translation rates are going to increase if the target language very difficult. Asian and Middle Eastern languages have higher prices in terms of translation due to their complexity. SEO translation rates for European languages tend to be lower, especially when it comes to English, French, Spanish or German.


Extra services

A successful international SEO campaign requires more than translation of the content of your website, headers, page titles and meta descriptions. It’s in fact a detailed market and customer analysis process that involves constant optimization in order to succeed.

Due to certain cultural, economic or geographical factors, people from foreign countries tend to search for different things in different ways, using a variety of keywords. This is why it is vital to ensure that your international SEO campaign is carried out in a way that results in more than just a straightforward translation.

High-quality international SEO will perform market research, including keyword and competitive research. It will analyse things such as popular search engines in a specific country, and the algorithms they use to rank websites. Those carrying out SEO should also integrate keyword research in order to understand the particular words and key phrases that are used in an area. This includes being aware of alternative terminology, such as slang, idioms, English hybrids and dialectical differences. Thus, as we are talking about something more than a simple translation, the price you will pay will be higher. A well-done SEO translation, depending on the page complexity, may cost anywhere between 5 and 25 times what it would cost to simply translate the text.


The prestige and popularity of the translation agency

SEO translation rates are going to be higher when you choose a name that is well-known in the translation business. This type of translation companies are usually chosen by big brands and firms that have really huge budgets to rely on. In this case, the price guarantees quality and the number of services they provide will satisfy the needs of your business.

A good translation agency will provide you services such as:

1. Keyword research

This research service identifies the most searched keywords that a website in the target market should include in order to rank highly in search engines. In order to identify all possible terms, a respectable translation service will use several techniques such as competitor analysis, local resources and in-depth knowledge of technology.

2. Metadata optimization

This involves optimizing web page metadata with keywords identified during keyword research, including page title, meta description, and a list of keywords that the page is targeting. Translation services might provide advice on character limits for the world’s major search engines, including double-byte character languages such as Chinese or Arabic which have less space to work with, and therefore need a different approach to meta data optimization.

3. Optimized web page translation

Once localized keywords are generated, the optimization of your web pages is required in order to include your focus key terms. This would be included in the translation phase of any web content to be translated at a later date. In exchange for higher SEO translation rates, some companies offer you the service of expert language professionals in markets around the world and local search specialists who have a in depth experience of local multi-lingual SEO.

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