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Jun 24th, 2015

Subtitling Jobs. Find Subtitling Jobs in a click.

Working as a subtitler is your dream but you don’t know where to get started to look for subtitling jobs online? Do you already know everything you need to know but still don’t know where to start looking for working opportunities? partnered with the job platform ZipRecruiter to help you finding the best subtitling jobs, both in your area or working remotly from your laptop.

If you want to work as a subtitler, wait no more. Fill in the form below, indicate the region you want to work in and find your next subtitling job.


However, if you want to work as a subtitler but you still don’t have the necessary skills, you can easily learn everything you need to know on, a platform dedicated to people who want to acquire more skills in subtitling or in specific subtitling software.

You’ll find several courses to learn everything you need to get started as a subtitler in few weeks.


And finally, if you’re simply curious and you want to learn more about subtitling as a discipline, you might be interested in reading subtitling related articles here on

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