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Jun 22nd, 2015

How to find language jobs


Searching for language jobs is no easy task. This is even more true in a field like translation, where agencies prefer to work with freelancers.

However, if you realised that freelancing is not your path, there are many other ways you can use your language skills.

You might teach your native language to people who want to learn it for example. You can either find private clients or apply for a teaching position in a language school.

You might work in an international company that needs people speaking several languages. If you have a look at their websites (take apple job page for example, or Google or Facebook) they normally advertise several language jobs or roles that are language-related.

Companies that sell across the EMEA region (that includes Europe, Middle East and Africa) most definitely need someone like you. It might not be a job with the word “Translation” in its title, but you’ll soon realise that translation is everywhere.

Take for example the software industry. The beauty of a software is that it does not require shipping, so it can be easily sold across the globe with no shipping costs. But then the software itself needs to be translated, as need the instructions and the documentation. Have you even thought of working as an Account Manager having to deal with international clients? Or about becoming a Software Trainer? You’ll have to translate the training you deliver to your various clients in the various languages your clients speak.


I can speak 3 languages, but that’s all…

If you’re afraid that “just” speaking 2 or 3 languages is not enough, think twice.

If you think that you’re not suitable for a software trainer job because you don’t know the software, ask yourself if it takes longer to learn a piece of software or to become fluent in a couple of languages like you are. You can learn a software in a matter of months, but it took you years to learn the languages you speak.

Moreover, it is extremely expensive for a company to hire 3 people to do the same job in three languages. If you can save them some money and use your language skills and deliver training in three languages, you’ll be very welcome in any tech company.

So where to start looking for jobs? On Linkedin you can use their job search engine. On Google you can start researching the companies you would like to work for. On Job Directories such as you can find all sorts of language-related jobs.

Below you’ll find a job search engine that will get you started. Good luck!



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