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What are the main techniques for SEO translation? Find it out in these articles.

By Translator Thoughts
Jan 6th, 2017
  Building a successful translation business is and has been difficult in any year. Of course, that’s no reason to give up now. That’s no reason t...
By Chiara Grassilli
Jan 18th, 2016
Top 3 SEO Translation Techniques SEO is a tool for getting your website to the top of global search engine rankings.  It cannot be stressed enough how ...
By Chiara Grassilli
Apr 24th, 2014
What Are The Rules Of SEO in 2014?   Every year, Google updates its search algorithms, commonly known as SEO rules, in order to better optimize ho...
By Chiara Grassilli
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Apr 17th, 2014
Have A Website? Attract More Visitors (And More Clients) So you have a nice website up and running for you translation agency, or perhaps for your own ...
By Sara Antoniou
Sep 23rd, 2013
Translate Amazon Listings When you start thinking about listing your products on Amazon, it seems to be a task as easy as pie. This however, is not the...
By Chiara Grassilli
Mar 18th, 2013
Localization and SEO – How To SEO Localize Your Website Do you want to translate your website in other languages? Do you want your translated web...