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By Chiara Grassilli
In Translation
Oct 18th, 2017



We’ve seen first hand what can happen when a business employs an uncertified translator and, trust us, it isn’t pretty. Actually, the results have been pretty disastrous. This is your business we’re talking about, which is why you need to top twice before you consider using a friend or an employee who claims they can translate your content into Czech because they have been to Prague before.


Yeah, you need to hire a professional. You need someone that can speak English to the level they teach at, the foreign language in question to the highest standard possible and has a qualification in translating or interpreting. This isn’t just because a poor representation of your brand can affect business relations, but because there could also be critical business, health, safety, or legal implications that come off the back of any corner-cutting.


But it isn’t just about protecting yourself. Hiring a professional translator comes with significant advantages and benefits too, which we have delved into below:


Quality Assurance

A lot of the times, what you are translating will involve complexities and specialized needs, which is why you need to ensure you are using an experienced professional that can guarantee quality. We’re talking about someone that uses their own translation software, upholds consistency and knows the terminologies used in your field of work. Law, medical diagnosis, cyber insurance, product safety, manufacturing guidelines – all of these will help you realize just how critical it is to have quality when interpreting.


Consider Cultures

A lot of words, idioms, sentences, and phrases don’t translate directly into other languages. So while delivering grammatically correct and easy to read content is a must, it is so important that you use a translator that will be able to localize your content and understand the linguistic nuances involved, especially those that differ from region to region. Don’t just look at them as professional translators, consider them to be cultural brokers too because their understanding of local influences and references could be the difference between success and failure, whether it be a website they are translating, product packaging or contractual agreements..


Consistency Is Crucial

One of the most overlooked and undervalued benefits of using a professional translator is the matter of consistency, which discusses in great depth. However, as a business leader, you need to know that any inconsistencies in communication could seriously harm your business. To put it bluntly, maintaining a consistent brand image, tone and story is crucial to success. Yet, doing that in your native language is hard enough. The words you use, terminologies you throw around and tone you opt for are all hugely important, so you need to minimize the risk of anything disrupting this, including your translations. In order to enjoy consistency, make sure you hire an individual or agency that will work with you throughout the process at hand.


Specialization Is Up There

Most industries – and businesses within those industries – have their own technical terms and glossaries, which is where a professional translator can be a truly great asset. Marketing needs, legal documents, manufacturing terms – you name it, you need a translator to translate it. It is this specialization that will give you the most peace of mind because it is something that will address your branding, your consistency, your accuracy and, above all, your level of professionalism.


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