Bringing Your Translation Business Into The Twenty-First Century

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Jan 6th, 2017


Building a successful translation business is and has been difficult in any year. Of course, that’s no reason to give up now. That’s no reason to turn your back on technology or dismiss the most current trends in business and marketing. Through doing so, you’re digging your translation business an early grave. There’s always another translation agency out there willing to stay one step ahead of you; or the entire industry, for that matter.

Keeping up to date is hard in an ever evolving, ever expanding and increasingly confusing business and technological landscape. Common practices and the most efficient electronic devices, services or software are changing each and every day. The game’s not up yet, however. You don’t have to do everything by yourself, and you can ensure that your translation business competes with the top players in the translation industry. You just need a little bit of help from people who are good at marketing, so here’s some helpful advice.


Bringing you translation business into the twenty-first century


SEO optimisation and online marketing

This is one of the biggest topics for any business that has an online presence. If your translation business is not online, maybe it’s time to think about building your own website. Online marketing is clearly the way for any business to succeed, but it’s not quite that simple, is it? First of all, we need to understand that online marketing is about more than placing some adverts here and there. It’s about building an online brand and optimising your social media profiles and website to rank higher on search engine result pages.

There are so many different elements to online marketing, but let’s dissect some of the things mentioned above; maybe then you’ll have a better idea of how to approach this confusing and ever-changing promotional strategy. SEO is about more than keywords. Most businesses try to show any keyword imaginable into their blog or website landing page and are surprised to find that they’re still being out-ranked by their competitors. SEO is about popularity and efficiency.

Your site needs to be responsive to all types of devices, because a poor layout not only ruins your chances of ranking highly, based on Google’s algorithms, but it also deters visitors to your website. People are impatient, and they don’t want to waste time trying to understand a seemingly-unprofessional and poorly-designed page. They’ll just end up clicking on the “back” button or closing the page. If you’re struggling to get the results your business needs, of course, you might want to consider an ecommerce agency to help you develop a more effective website.

On top of this, your company website and social media profiles need to be shared constantly and consistently online. Link-building is a way to ensure this, because spreading word of your brand and services across numerous blogs and articles increases the noticeability of your company website, and increases the likelihood of algorithms working in your favour.


Use social media in the right way

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the numerous social networks out there in the modern age, but you don’t need to use everything; and you certainly shouldn’t be if you’re using social media profiles incorrectly.


LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the most important social networks for any business. LinkedIn is a tool that businesses and jobseekers alike use to desperately seek employees or work, respectively, suited to their specific needs. It makes the job easier for you, as an employer, as long as you market your brand efficiently on the site. Of course, Facebook is even better from the standpoint of attracting customers, because it has the biggest audience of any market, online or offline, in the world. Used correctly, this could be the best promotional tool you’ve ever used.



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