Powerful Blogging Tips That Will Help Build A Killer Blog

By Chiara Grassilli
In Translation
Dec 19th, 2016

Powerful Blogging Tips That Will Help Build A Killer Blog

Blogging is a great outlet to share valuable information with the world. Whether you’re blogging in English or another language, there’s one thing that all bloggers have in common, and that is to create a killer high authority blog that drives in a lot of traffic each month.

If you’ve setup your blog but it seems to be lacking the traffic and authority, then don’t despair. This expert guide will give you the top powerful blogging tips that will help to build a killer blog you can be proud of. Let’s get started.

The Best Practices Of Blogging

Tip #1: Research Your Audience

If you’ve started a blog you’ve already got a target audience in mind. However, it’s important to dig a little deeper to work out what your audience is actually looking for. In order to do this, you can simply use Google to help you. Google search bar or Google Keyword Planner can give you inside knowledge into what people are searching for in your niche. By understanding what people are searching for you can then target your content more directly to your audience so they gain the information they’re looking for.

Powerful blogging tips

Tip #2: Quality Not Quantity

If you haven’t already worked it out yet, the quantity of blogs that you place on your site shouldn’t outweigh the quality. When you’re using your blog for translating information into other languages, it’s important that the quality surpasses everything. So, what classes as quality information you ask? There’s some key rules to follow:

  1. It must provide value to the reader by giving them information they need or have been looking for. It should answer a question that has been asked. Don’t mislead your readers, they will remember.
  2. It must offer perfect grammar and spelling no matter what language it’s translated into. If your readers see a lot of mistakes throughout the content, your reputation drops.
  3. It should be easy to read and written for people, not search engines.
  4. It shouldn’t be stuffed with keywords to try to gain more authority from Google’s ranking system.
  5. Use catchy headings for your posts. ‘Become A Millionaire Overnight’ isn’t as appealing as ‘Top Secret Tips On How You Can Become A Millionaire In 12 Hours’
  6. Balance white space by the use of bullet points, subheadings and paragraphing to help break up the text and make it easy to read.

Quality content is the foundation of a great and successful blog. Without quality content, your blog will fall into the shadows of Google page ranks and won’t be seen by your valued readers.


Powerful blogging tips

Tip #3: Use High Quality Imagery

Your readers are visual people. When they see a high-quality image they will believe that your blog is professional and well taken care of. Blogs without images or that have low quality images tend to appear boring and feel as if there’s not enough effort placed into them, even if there is. In general, you have 3 seconds to catch your reader’s attention and images can help you do that. To ensure you have professional, high quality images for your blog some things that you can do include:

  1. Make sure all images are free to use. Sites such as Pixabay, Shutterstock, iStock and more. Search Google using ‘free to use images’ or ‘royalty free images’ to find different sites to use. However, it’s important to note that you may have to pay depending on the site.
  2. Make sure the image is relevant to the post that you’re creating. Don’t place a pig on a post about a dog.
  3. Alternatively use screenshots to help get your point across better when showing how to do something. This can be valuable for your readership.
  4. Use 2+ images per blog post to help create a visual appeal. It helps the reader connect to the content better.

Images are important for any blog and should be chosen carefully to ensure optimal appeal and interest from your readers.  

Powerful blogging tips



When it comes to creating a blog for translating your information into another language, it’s always good to improve where you can. So, did these tips help you to improve your blog?

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  2. Nice article, Aaron! Thanks a lot for sharing! Maybe it is also worth mentioning that longer blog article usually rank better than short articles.

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