You still don’t automate your processes?

By Romina Kohei
In Project Managemet
Aug 22nd, 2016

Automate your translation processes

When it comes down to what really matters in business, what is it?

Recently, I got the impression that it’s these 4 letters.



Many entrepreneurs are no more pointing out the importance of revenue, profits, costs etc. Because they know that there is something above. Something that impacts the ups and downs of all of the above-mentioned.

That’s right. Time defines business more than numbers, because, with enough time, you can CHANGE the numbers.

When you are thinking this way, you might as well think: ”Ok, when time is such a precious commodity, I need to save it as much as possible in order to get ahead of the numbers. But…How do I do that?”

And that’s when technology comes in.

With the newest and most sophisticated software, entrepreneurs were provided a chance to automate the most painful processes in their work.

So how does automating work in translation industry? What does a good…no, great software have to do to save you time?

Let’s see.

-“one look-all info” feature is a no-brainer when it comes to time efficiency. Every feature united under the roof of one dashboard can undoubtedly make the life of a translation company easier. Stabilized and organized workflow makes working so much easier.

– you see, once you start automating, the benefits start to connect with all processes. With an automated workflow you lower the risk of experiencing inefficiencies or errors. Delayed deliveries, slow approvals, it’s all wasted time, but you already know where I’m headed.

– in an ideal translation company, transparency should be among the top values. How can a puny software help you with that? One word, accountability. With a good, no, great TMS you can bound actions such as initiations, approvals, and rejections to an individual who performed them. That’s how you can systematically see the individual errors and you can take specific, concrete actions to solve them. Meaning, you save time.

– did I mentioned time is a huge commodity? Well, so are data! There are many valuable data floating in the air, you just can’t consume them all. But still, you have to know how to find them when it’s needed. What a TMS can do for you in this case is that thanks to the streamlined and accumulated mode of communication you get insights that clearly point out where and when your business process is bottling up. The next step? Make sure that it’s optimized and doesn’t consume more valuable time in the future.

– consistently delivering high-quality products is a dream for many companies. But is it really? With a good, no, great software this dream becomes tangible. The same level of service is guaranteed with high quality and reliable results, which are both the outcome of automated workflow. How can you achieve this? Psst, it’s called working with a good, no, great Translation Management System!

Question is. Did I just hit the spot? Are YOU thinking the same way about time as me?

We might not be on the same page. But I would still bet that for once, even for once you thought: ”Ooooh, I wish I had more time to do this.”

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