Effective Writing and Revision Processes in Professional Translation

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Apr 18th, 2016

Effective Writing and Revision Processes in Professional Translation


The support of professional translators is often required when you have business assignments from international vendors or clients. Professional translation can be required in any field, ranging from legal processes to the education industry.
In order to communicate effectively, it is essential to use translation services that are reliable and efficient. Accuracy and precision are the main requirements. A small miscommunication can ruin client relationships and make you lose money, and it hampers the image of the company as well. Therefore you must be very careful when choosing translator services.

It is always a safe option in this case to rely on professional translator services. Translation services that are EN-15038 certified, have the highest credibility and quality in the sphere of professional translation.
When it comes to the revision process in professional translation, it is quite different from the proofreading or editing that we do with articles or any written piece of literature.



Effective Writing and Revision Processes in Professional Translation

Who revises the document

A translator with a high degree of experience and expertise is deployed to revise, once the original translation is complete. The translation expert makes a comparison analysis between the original untranslated document and the recently translated one. In this way he can figure out any mistakes that are present in the translated document. Experts in their respective fields are chosen to perform the translation so that no technical mistakes occur in the translated document. They are also very well versed with the standardized formats and the latest upcoming industry practices. In order to improvise the overall presentation and flow of the document, the translator might suggest some changes in the document. The translator will also make the article more customized according to the needs of the customer. Sometimes the translated document might not actually meet the quality standards and it’s up to the person who revises it to point this out.

The revision process of translation involves various steps. Initially, basic revision of the content of the document is done. Once that is finished, the reviewer then goes beyond the scope of basic revision and goes through the article in detail. There are a number of professional services online that provide translation to clients. You must check reviews online before appointing a particular translator.
Translators from different academic and educational backgrounds are hired so that they can efficiently translate the article or document with precision and accuracy. These experts should have experience not only with translation but also in their respective fields of translation, which will guarantee they know what they’re talking about and can therefore translate more accurately.

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