How to choose the best translation agency

By Chiara Grassilli
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Sep 14th, 2015
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How to choose the best translation agency for your translation needs


As the economy becomes more and more globalized, we realize translation is vital for the development and even for the survival of some companies. But how is it possible to choose the translation agency that suits your needs perfectly? Well, this will definitely be a hard task, especially when there are so many translation agencies that seem to offer the exact same services. However, we can provide you some information that will help narrow down your options.


First of all, you need to read everything you find about the translation agencies that you have chosen. Look at each detail, including the way their website looks or the way they communicate with clients. You can always check for reviews or case studies in order to compare the agencies you found. After you decide which one is the best, try to contact them and ask specific questions about the language you need. You can always ask for a quotation of a text they already translated to check out their style. Also, ask for the translation of a few complicated idioms to see if they use mother tongue translations.

Ask for recommendation

If you feel uncertain about what agency you should choose, you can always ask someone who already used translation services before. Try to find people that had to deal with translation agencies in the past and they will help you with an opinion. It is possible to discover that the translation agency you thought suitable for your business has actually many flaws. This is why you should talk to people that had real contact with this type of services rather than relying solely on a google search.


Think about the price

Don’t get too excited about agencies that offer their services in exchange of a surprisingly low fee. You will probably get a mediocre translation. But that doesn’t mean that the most expensive agency is the only one that is good. There is no need to spend huge amount of money. Just try to stay somewhere in the middle. If you do your research properly, you will pay mid-range fees for awesome results, which will be profitable for your company.


Formatting and SEO

You need to make sure that the agency you hire is able to understand the importance of formatting and that is able to consider this separately from the translation itself. Furthermore, you should discuss the Search Engine Optimization with them from the start in order to make sure that your website will function in the other language. Bear in mind that you need to discuss all of these issues from the beginning. Making a list of what you expect from them is always a good idea. It will help you remember all the details when you discuss the details of your needs with them.



Once you have chosen a translation company, staying in touch is vital. This can help you decide if they are really as professional as you expected them to be. Check how fast they reply to your emails and how willing they are to help you and offer you all the explanations you need. Calling them is also a good idea, as you can observe their level of politeness and their will to help. Obviously, this goes the other way around as well. You need to make time to discuss all the aspects of the translation with your agency. If they need any clarifications in terms of the style they should use or your other expectations, try to provide them with all the information they need. This will be in your own benefit!

To conclude, choosing from the numerous translation agencies requires time, patience and a lot of research. It is not wise to rush into making a decision, as it can affect the future of your business. Make sure you follow all the necessary steps before making your choice.


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    I need my document to be translated from English into Spanish. I would be very grateful to hear any recommendation for a good translation company that could translate my docs of high quality but at a lost cost.. Unfortunately, my budget is limited (((

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