How to Make More Money with Translation Byproducts

By Chiara Grassilli
In Freelancing
Jan 26th, 2015

Supplementing Translation Income Through Unrelated Activities


Increasing Your Income

There are many jobs available for people in the translation industries, but have you ever found yourself wondering what else you can do to supplement your income? If you are a translator, or are interested in translating, here are some great ideas for activities that are not directly related to translation, but can help you make more money with translation byproducts.


1. Books

Have you ever thought about writing a book? What about creating an audio book? Share your expertise with the world and make some money on the side. You can find a publisher or self-publish on websites such as Amazon. Need a second opinion on your book? That won’t be a problem for you either. Check out other freelancers at websites such as People Per HourFiverr, oDesk, or Elance. At places like these, you can help find people to create a unique and professional cover for your book. That means that all you are left to do is write the content, which should be no problem for an experienced translator.


2. Mentoring

Another option for the freelance translator is to coach or train others. You can offer your services on websites like the ones mentioned above, on your own website, or locally and in-person. It might be worth your time to check out local colleges to see if they have “informal classes” where you can spread your knowledge and earn some money. Once you have settled on a fee to charge for your services, you can create some fliers to spread around town. Some great places to advertise your coaching services would be at coffee shops, libraries, colleges, and local newspapers. Places such as these are more likely to let you post your advertisements for free, so they should be the first places you should go to look at. If you are interested, you could even contact local schools and offer your services as a language tutor or someone to proofread foreign language papers. This could also be offered as an online service, as well as a local one.


3. Blogs and Websites

Another option for a freelance translator is starting a blog. This could be a blog about translating services or any other topic that you are interested in. How will this help supplement your income? As you are probably aware, most blogs have ads on them. Owners of blogs get paid to have the ads up and the more often they are clicked, the more money the owner receives. If you build up enough viewers, having a blog could add to your income. Owning your own website will also give you a place to offer your translation services, advertise books, and connect with others. To set up a free website, check out places such as Blogger by Google. To get a domain name, you can visit different websites like GoDaddy, Bluehost and If you need help you can have a look at our step-by-step guide to create your translation website.


As you can see, someone talented in translation services has many options available to them. All it takes is one step and then you could be moving toward a brighter future. Try one of these ideas and see how it helps your income grow!

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