Translation and Copywriting

By Chiara Grassilli
In Writing and Translation
May 19th, 2014

Languages and Copywriting

Translation and Copywriting


How should you expand your career as a copywriter? You could work with companies in more industries, promote yourself with marketing, or you could learn another language. The last option – learning another language – is one of the most beneficial ways to go about growing your career, and is something you should look into.



The Benefits of Knowing Multiple Languages

Knowing two or more languages creates opportunities for you – no matter what your career is. This is especially true for those of you in the copywriting industry. Copy is highly in demand right now, especially with SEO and the wide reach of the internet, but you could be getting an even bigger clientele if you knew multiple languages. Knowing another language will also give you access to more career options and introduce you to all sorts of new people. On top of that, you might enjoy it more than writing in the same language all day long.


Multilingual Copywriting

There are different options open to copywriters who are multilingual. One such option is that you can become a multilingual copywriter. A multilingual copywriter is someone that writes copy in different languages. You could end up writing in two, three, or more languages and get chances to connect with a wider range of people. As a multilingual copywriter, your job will be similar to that of a regular copywriter, but you will get to do it in more than one language.


International Copywriting

Being an international copywriter is another option that will open up to you if you learn an additional language. International copywriting may seem similar to multilingual copywriting, but there is a subtle difference. In international copywriting, you write for the cultural groups of different languages, as opposed to just the language groups. For example, a multilingual copywriter might write copy for the English and Spanish markets. An international copywriter could write for British-English, American-English, American-Spanish, and Mexican-Spanish markets, among others.



A third thing that you could do with your new language skills is transcreation. Transcreation is the process of taking existing copy and writing it in another language. It is different from translation because it is more about preserving the emotional effect than keeping an accurate meaning. It requires a lot of creativity and can be more time consuming, but the final product is outstanding.


Knowing Multiple Languages Opens Doors

As a copywriter, learning another language might be in your best interest. It will help you reach new markets, connect with more people, and it might be more interesting than using only one language. You could work as a multilingual copywriter, an international copywriter, or in transcreation. All of these options are worth learning another language for, and you’ll thank yourself if you do.



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