Social Media Marketing for Translators

By Chiara Grassilli
In Social Media Translation
Apr 7th, 2014

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Translators


Though there are many ways to market and promote your business, in this high-speed world of global connectivity one of the most effective methods is through social media. We already spoke about how social media can help you build a solid business, especially if you are a freelancer and are building your personal brand. Although social media shouldn’t necessarily replace more traditional forms of marketing, it can – and should – form the cornerstone of a comprehensive overall strategy. So today we are looking at social media marketing for translators and why it provides many benefits over more traditional marketing models.


Reduced Marketing Costs

A key metric in all business is the bottom line. Marketing and advertising costs can be quite high for freelancers and small business, and that’s where social media reveals one of its greatest advantages: it’s free! You can create a presence on global marketplaces such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn without spending any money at all. This lets you reach a wider audience for a smaller investment.


Improved Search Results

Higher rankings on Google search results can directly translate into more visitors. Visitors can turn into clients, and clients generate money. Therefore, getting more visitors to your site should be a high priority, and social media can help with that. Google ranks sites favorably if they have social media presences. On top of that, any links from social media sites back to yours will boost your ranking even further.


Customer Service

Social media can provide a much more pleasant and streamlined customer service experience to your existing and potential clients. Compared to waiting on hold on the phone for excruciating amounts of time, social media is a breath of fresh air. In addition, it allows clients to help each other. Not only does this keep customer service costs lower, but it keeps your clients happier.


Reputation Management

Every company has times where their reputation is on the line. It’s inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be devastating. Social media will allow you to get ahead of the situation before it grows out of hand, and to reach out to those affected almost instantly.


End of Traditional Salesmanship

Clients don’t like stereotypical sales tactics. But they’re needed, aren’t they? Not necessarily. Social media allows you to ditch the whole concept of salesmanship and instead have an intellectual two-way conversation with potential customers. If you’re not annoying potential clients, you increase the odds that they will transform from “potential” to “actual” clients.


Building Loyalty

The culmination of improved customer service, reputation management, and the end of traditional salesmanship is loyalty. Clients that are treated with respect will be more likely to become repeat customers. Clients that feel they have a voice and are heard are much more likely to use that voice to tell all their friends about your business. Treat them well, and they will evangelize for you.


Putting It All Together

When implementing a social media campaign, keep in mind the culture of each social media site and use them appropriately. For example, a professional tax preparation service is better suited for LinkedIn and not Tumblr. Someone selling homemade gift baskets would be received better on Pinterest rather than on Twitter. It can be useful to do a little research on the demographics of each site you intend to use. Keeping these points in mind, you should be able to create a productive social media presence and turbo boost your business!



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    Social media marketing has many benefits for all kinds of businesses that’s why majority of people are just focusing upon this strategy. It is recommended to make posts on social media consistently, be patience and continuously answers the questions of people to get them engaged. Its pleasure to read the benefits of social media marketing for translators.

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