Multilingual Social Media Management

By Chiara Grassilli
In Social Media Translation
Jul 22nd, 2013

Multilingual Social Media Management – Why You Need To Get Your Social Media Content Translated

Multilingual Social Media Management. Is it really necessary? The average company today has a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, a Twitter account, a Flickr photo album, an account on Google+ and a profile on LinkedIn.

Multilingual Social Media ManagementFor most of them it has been a hassle to set them up, and as soon as they get it right, they realize that they are losing 20, 30, or 40% of their potential clients because they cannot reach them. Why? Because they don’t speak their language. Yes, as simple as it sounds, not everyone around the world speaks English. It is really easy to check where your readers come from (Google Analytics tool will tell you straight away). It is also easy to check how much time they spend on your website and if they did what you expected them to do (buy something, download your free e-book, insert their email…) or they left before understanding what they were reading.

Having your website translated could increase your potential clients by 20, 30 or 40%, depending on how many more non-English speakers you might reach. The same is valid for social media profiles. Multilingual Social Media Management is harder, but it could increase your visitors dramatically.

Sometimes the simple fact of writing some post in Spanish, Russian or whatever language you are targeting is enough to seduce your readers. After all, doesn’t anyone of us like to feel important? And what better way to make them feel important than writing in their own language?

Sometimes this is not enough though. Because if a company hires a translator to translate its blog posts, its Facebook updates or its tweets then it will need someone to answer any comments from readers, in whatever language they write.

Big brands outsource the social media management to companies that specialize in this. Small brands have to catch up, somehow, if they want to grow.

Do your maths and you will be able to see if this is an investment or a loss. How many more potential clients will you reach? What percentage of those do you think will convert into real clients? Will this cover the expenses of an agency that manages your social media presence? If not, consider hiring a freelancer who is usually cheaper than a digital marketing agency.

If the number you get is still worth the extra work you’re about to start, don’t delay. Get international!

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