Legal Translation – Interview With Tim Windhof

By Chiara Grassilli
In Interviews
May 13th, 2013

Legal Translation – Interview With Tim Windhof


Legal Translation - Interview with Tim Windhof

Fancy knowing more about legal translation? This is the interview for you!

Tim Windhof is a specialized legal translator with undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees from Germany and New Zealand.

Prior to relocating to Columbus, Ohio and becoming a full-time translator, he practised as attorney in Munich, Germany for several years. His clients are mostly international law firms and legal professionals. He helps international businesses to transform their legal documents into proper German!

During this interview I asked him what legal translation is and how to get started as a legal translator.

Enjoy the interview!

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5 Responses to “Legal Translation – Interview With Tim Windhof”

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  5. Paige D. says:

    Wonderful interview! I too am a former lawyer-translator. I too decided I did not really like it. I have evolved to this job and the freedom from stress is amazing. My worst days as a translator are better than my best days as a lawyer. I love what you said about accepting low paying jobs–always a mistake.