Competition And Your Specificity

By Chiara Grassilli
In Translation
Feb 18th, 2013

When Competition Is Blocking Your Work


Are you thinking about becoming a translator but you’re afraid that there are already too many?
I know a lot of people with great ideas but are often scared off by the competition. The fear takes the form of this question: “If other people are already doing what I want to do, why should I even bother starting?” I have asked myself this question several times in the past.
But, the answer is actually very simple:

Everything you do, you do it your own way.

The way you speak is exclusive to you.

Your way of writing is exclusive to you, as well as your way of explaining things and connecting with people.

So you can be sure that whatever you’re going to do, will be different from that of everyone else.

If two translators work on the same piece of text, the result will be different. If two professionals explain translation techniques to you, they will do it in two different ways. Some words may be more effective to certain kinds of people, while expressing the same idea in another way could be clearer to a different group of listeners.

So think of it this way: even if there are lots of voices saying what you too want to say, perhaps there are still some people who haven’t found the words that they need to hear.
It could be your words that are exactly what someone was waiting to hear.

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